‘Global warming bigger threat than terrorism’

DAVOS, Switzerland — The danger from global warming is the biggest ever threat the earth is facing, scientific, government and industry experts said in sessions at the World Economic Forum the past three days.

This, mind you, comes from the World Economic Forum, hardly a bunch of tree-hugging alarmist Greenies.

They said the longer the delay in meaningful action on climate change, the more costly would be its economic and human impact.

Sen. John McCain (Rep., Arizona) said Tuesday he considered the danger to be “the greatest threat to our globe that we’ve ever experienced.”

Yippie! A senator is finally saying this!

One solution, he said, might be to explore the use of nuclear power, the technology of which has advanced considerably in the last few years.

Aarrgh. But he believes the best solution is nuclear power. Sigh. How about we give up SUVs and the gasoline engine, that’d make a good start.

David King, chief scientific adviser of the Office of Science and Technology of the United Kingdom, said Thursday global warming was the biggest threat of this century, even bigger than terrorism.

Shhh, you talk like that, Dubya will declare war on global terrorism and decide to invade yet another country. No, global warming won’t be solved by silly ideas like comparing it to terrorism, but by realizing we’re all on this same ship together, and that when it comes to global warming, we all sink or swim together. And that the ‘enemies’ here are ignorance. and short-sighted greed.