L.A. event tonight: How to fight the Bush agenda

A.N.S.W.E.R. Political Forum
How To Fight The Bush Agenda

With original film footage from Venezuela of Hugo Chavez!

This Fri, Jan 28, 7:30 pm
1800 Argyle Ave, #410, LA 90028
Free and secure parking – enter on Yucca)

Featuring – Richard Becker: lead organizer of ANSWER mass antiwar protests in San Francisco. Recently traveled to Venezuela for an international solidarity conference.

Come to a political forum to discuss strategies to unite and fight against the right wing’s racism, sexism and anti-LGBT bigotry. Find out what’s really behind Social Security and pension cuts. Discuss how to build international solidarity worldwide!

I’m going to record Dick’s talk on my just-arrived iRiver mp3 player, and if all goes well, will post it tomorrow in my very first podcast.