And that’s a big DUH to you, good buddy

U.S. apparently underestimated size of insurgency, top commander says


U.S. forces killed or captured about 15,000 suspected militants in Iraq last year, the top U.S. commander in the country said Wednesday, suggesting that the American military has underestimated the strength of the insurgency.

The new figures seemed to show that previous estimates of an insurgent force of 6,000 to 9,000 fighters were inaccurate, Army Gen. George W. Casey said in a rare meeting with the U.S. media here.

“Seemed to show?” Maybe someone should alert the good general that as 15,000 is indeed a bigger number than 9,000, and that since this is math and stuff, that “seemed” is no longer an applicable word to be using. Lordy, this dimbulb actually gets paid to spout such nonsense.

However, Casey described as inflated a recent estimate by Iraq’s intelligence chief that the insurgency numbered as many as 40,000 hard-core fighters

Uh huh, your estimate was way low before, so tell us, why should we believe you now? Itr’s clear you are clueless or in denial.