Report: Global warming at critical point

Global warming is approaching the point of no return, after which widespread drought, crop failure and rising sea levels will be irreversible.

“An ecological time bomb is ticking away,” said Stephen Byers, who was co-chairman of the task force with U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine. “World leaders need to recognize that climate change is the single most important long-term issue that the planet faces.”

Republican Senators are now saying global warming is happening. But do the Bushies? Of course not. Convinced of their inerrancy, the neocons insist that short term corporate profits must come before anything else, including the survival of the planet and of themselves and their descendants.

They can be stopped. They will be stopped. The war and the economy will destroy them. Let’s keep the pressure on. Dissent has now gone mainstream, the populace now opposes the war. We are witnessing a phase shift in public opinion. Onward!