Music and podcasting

Rather than make my stereo and amp work with the PC in my new home office, it finally dawned on me. Chuck the stereo, do everything on the PC instead.

The radio stations I listen to, KPFK, KXLU, and KCRW, are also on the Net, plus the PC has a CD player, so why have a stereo. This may be obvious to many of you, but it was an Eureka moment for me.

So, I now have some powerful new PC speakers, and am listening to great net radio like Kill Radio.

I’ll be trying podcasting soon. This is a truly innovative idea that Adam Curry, former early MTV VJ and now serious tech geek and entrepreneur helped start. Using RSS feeds, audio files, like from a net radio show, are posted via RSS and the file goes directly into your iPod (or other such device) to listen to later. 

IPodder.Net has free software they say makes the process completely transparent and a no-brainer. You just plug the iPod into the computer and choose what feeds you want. I’ll let you know how it goes!