Just shut up

If Sen. John Kerry believes he was cheated out of the White House, he should have challenged the outcome of the election. Since it is too late for that, he should just shut up and get on with trying to salvage the party from the wreckage he helped bring about.

Of course Kerry would never seriously challenge the system by confronting the voting system. He’s worth 710 million and has a serious vested interest in keeping things the way they are.

Sen. Barbara Boxer appears to be gettig it. She’s the first senator to seriously attack and question the Bushies. Predictably, the mainstream media ia all aflutter, wringing their hands at how could a senator be so tacky as to impugn Condoleezza Rice’s integrity. Because Condi doesn’t have any, that’s why, She’s continually and persistently lied about Iraq. And finally a sentor is confronting her about it.

Boxer is the first. There will be more, dissent is going mainstream.