Aceh suffers even more

US ‘should not rule out torture’

The outgoing head of the US Department of Homeland Security has said torture may be used in certain cases in order to prevent a major loss of life.

Speaking to the BBC, Tom Ridge said the US did not condone the use of torture to extract information from terrorists.

But he said that under an “extreme set” of hypothetical circumstances, such as a nuclear threat, “it could happen”.

A spokesman for Mr Ridge said his comments were taken out of context and did not amount to approval of torture.`

Saying you approve of torture sometimes IS condoning torture. Lordy, do these idiots EVER tell the truth or are they so deluded they no longer know or care what it is.

From Amnesty International, this is what the Bushies are about.

Guantánamo – an icon of lawlessness

On 11 January 2005, the Guantánamo prison will enter its fourth year. In its more than 1,000 days of executive detentions, Guantánamo has become a symbol of a government’s attempt to put itself above the law. The example it sets is of a world where basic human rights are negotiable rather than universal. Such a world, although built in the name of national security, is dangerous to us all.