Protesters get prime spot for Inauguration

The National Park Service has agreed to give thousands of anti-war demonstrators a prime spot along President Bush’s inaugural parade route that will allow them to protest during the procession.

Hmm, first the government played hardball, now they’re being co-operative. Here in L.A,. ANSWER has permits for a march and rally at the Westwood Federal Building at 6 pm Thursday. The rally starts at 6 pm with live music, hip hop artists, spoken words, and speakers like Ron Kovic. The march steps off at 8 pm. I’ll be driving the lead truck during the march, should be fun.

The anti-war group A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition is planning to erect its own bleachers in the space, an open plaza on Pennsylvania Ave., just a few blocks from the Capitol building, said Brian Becker, national coordinator for the group. The bleachers could seat up to 1,000 people and the park service estimates up to 10,000 could fill the space standing shoulder to shoulder.

“I don’t think it’s ever happened in history that the anti-war movement has ever been able to have this kind of setup,” Becker said.

ANSWER lawyers often seem to do the impossible, and they did it again this time too.

Becker said he considers the agreement a “partial victory” but still inadequate because the general public, including many who are opposed to the war in Iraq, will not be able to move into other areas along the parade route as they have in the past.