Global warming

UC Davis study shows Lake Tahoe is warming up

The waters of Lake Tahoe are warming up at almost twice the rate of the world’s oceans, probably as a consequence of global climate change, according to a new study by UC Davis scientists. The higher warming rate, reported for the first time in the new study, could have major implications for public plans to keep the lake blue.

Meanwhile, the Bushites blindly ignore science in favor of corporate profits, and thus are getting sued..

US faces global warming suit

Green lobbyists and several US cities hope a lawsuit against US development agencies will force the government to act on global warming, even though President George W Bush has long insisted there’s no scientific proof linking human activity to warming.

Environmental lawyers say the suit will be closely watched as lawsuits against utilities and the government tied to global warming increase. Last July, for example, eight US states and New York City sued five US power companies, accusing them of stoking climate change.