Mt. Haleakala

This 10,000 volcanic mountain on Maui is dormant, but not extinct. These photos were taken from the top, where the winds at times were 60 mph with a temperature of 49. Hypothermia weather indeed. A park ranger told me the weather can be anything from idyllic to heavy snow. Winds can range from 0 to 120 mph.

Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island from eighty miles. The triangles of white are snow, not clouds. I’m told this much snow on them is quite unusual. Both are over 13,000 feet. I’ll climb one someday, yes I will.

This is the crater. it’s a 3,000 foot vertical drop to the crater floor. The dark field in the front is a more recent lava flow. Didn’t get to hike down there this time, but will next trip!

I love being above timberline in alpine desert terrain, if you couldn’t tell.