Another Bolivian revolt against water privatization

The public revolt against water privatization taking place this week in the city of El Alto took a dramatic turn today – the announcement by the Bolivian government that it is canceling the private water contract, and the rejection of that offer by citizen groups. Below is an article I am syndicating to the US and other foreign press. Stay tuned to this Blog for more updates.

Neighborhood organizations rejected the government plan to oust the private water company as too vague and are instead calling for mass marches and an indefinite general strike.

The last time a general strike against privatized water happened in Bolivia, in Cochabamba, the company lost and the people won. Let’s support the people again this time too. Access to inexpensive water is a right, not a commodity to be sold at ever increasing prices, as an excuse for the World Bank to impoverise nations.

And yes, that’s exactly what is happening, and that’s why these water fights are so important.