Billions for war leaves little for people

What’s more, the $350 million the Bushies have now grudgingly agreed to pledge, will be given over a period of years. 

Many have commented on the paltry, really disgraceful U.S. aid offer. The U.S. spends approximately $270 million each day for the occupation of Iraq. The cost of one F-22 Raptor fighter jet is $225 million.

The Bush-Cheney Presidential Inaugural Committee intends to raise $40 million in the next few weeks to host its gala parties and the inaugural parade.

The Bush administration is shameless. Endless funds for limitless violence to take over Iraq is one thing (it is well over $150 billion in the last 21 months). Money to meet human needs and to alleviate suffering, however, that will only come as a consequence of political pressure and radical change.