A stirring defense of freedom

In response to US plans to “hold terrorism suspects indefinitely without trial” for those “the Pentagon and the CIA suspect of terrorist links but do not wish to set free or put on trial for lack of hard evidence”, two Senators, Carl Levin (D-Mich) and Richard Luger (R-Ind)  have squeaked up with what passes for dissent in the ruling class today. 

“There must be some modicum, some semblance of due process … if you’re going to detain people, whether it’s for life or whether it’s for years,” Levin said.

Detaining individuals for life without judicial review “is a bad idea,” Lugar said on the same program.

A “bad idea?” “Some semblance of due process?” That’s all they can say? The Bushite neo-fascists (yes, the word does apply) want to jail anyone anytime with no evidence forever and all these Senators can say is, Gee whiz Mr. Bush , this isn’t a good idea. How lame, how pathetic.

Instead, they should be calling for people to get into the streets, for massive protests and dissent nationwide in response to this grotesque attack on basic Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. But, being part of the ruling class, their “dissent” is a token gesture at best.

If we want to stop them, we will have to do it ourselves. Congress will not help as they are part of the problem.