The luggage has arrived!

Our missing luggage, which disappeared when we entered the now feared and legendary Philly airport on US Airways, reaapeared at Bradley airport in Hartford, our final destination, about 30 hours late. Apparently it had been to Spain, then Atlanta, then back to Hartford.

The hundreds of pieces of luggage that surrounded the luggage carousels at Bradley on Tuesday are now down to a few hundred. They do not deliver lost luggage, you go to the airport and search for it.

Had I been working for an airline that forced a 40% pay cut on employees, I wouldn’t have shown up for work either. US Air is in bankruptcy, facing a huge payment they can’t make in January, and the end is nigh. But you can bet top management didn’t take a 40% pay cut.

Yes, this is a class thing, isn’t is?

My marriage tomorrow will now take place with her in a wedding dress and me in a suit, and not in jeans as we’d feared.

US Air is now telling employess to work for free over New Years to make up for this debacle. Yeah, uh huh, I sure bet everyone shows up for work, huh? And we fly back New Years Day. On US Air. Through Philly. If we can’t rebook, then we carry as much as we can carry-on and ship the rest.

Welcome to the New Economy.