Ohio Voting Was a Mess

From Political Wire

“From seven-hour lines that drove voters away to malfunctioning machines to poorly trained poll workers who directed people to the wrong polling places to uneven policies about the use of provisional ballots, Ohio has become this year’s example for every ailment in the United States’ electoral process,” the New York Times reports.

Meanwhile, the
Boston Globe quotes the Rev. Jesse Jackson saying Sen. John Kerry conceded the election too quickly and contends Ohio’s 2004 election results “were more troubling than Florida’s four years ago.”

Yet the Dem “leadership” still does nothing. No outrage, no protest, no angry speeches. They continue to move in lock-step with the Republicans, a party they pretend to oppose. Their entrenched power structure does not want serious change or confrontation, as that would threaten the status quo and jeopardize their status.

Yeah, it’s a class thing. Were the Dem power elite to seriously press the Ohio vote fraud issues, there would be major unrest (which would be a good thing) and then things might really change. They don’t want that. Not at all.