Green Power can cost the same as non-Green

…And not only that, it can cost the same in Texas!

Here in L.A., Green Power is available through L.A. DWP. It’s about 6% more, and they send you two compact fluorescent lightbulbs when you sign up! Their green power sources include solar, wind, and geothermal.

The ugly truth about L.A. power is that 50% comes from coal, yes, coal

To ensure a reliable supply of power at consistently low rates, the Department maintains a diversified energy generation mix – including coal (50 percent), natural gas (25 percent), large hydroelectric (11 percent), nuclear (12 percent), and renewable power, such as wind, biomass, solar and cogeneration (2 percent). The Department draws its energy supply from in-basin power plants and several out-of-state facilities in Nevada, Utah and the Pacific Northwest.

Coal burning plants are not permitted in California, so the coal plants are in other states. The power is sent along hundreds of miles on transmission lines where it loses energy along the way. All in all, an incredibly inefficient system, not to mention other states suffering the pollution from coal-burning so L.A. can have power.

Green power eliminates all of that.