Blogads is a great idea which takes a little while to understand.

The Blogad for Polizeros is in the right-hand column and currently has one ad, from Crooks and Liars. (More ads are coming!)

The huge advantage of Blogads over other forms of net advertising is that the webmaster determines who advertises, just like a magazine does. A magazine has to right to reject ads they don’t want. They choose which ads appear, and they don’t want ads that clash with their general theme.. A simple enough concept, but until Blogads was not available for websites like this one.

Google will deliver ads to blogs, or any other site, through their excellent AdSense service. Advertisers are billed when someone clicks on an ad. The problem for a political blog like Polizeros is that Google delivers the ads based on content-matching. They determine what the site is about, then feed the site ads based on that. However just because Polizeros mentions George Bush does not mean I want ads selling Bush t-shirts! Which is precisely what content matching does, as it has no way to filter a preference and only deliver politically appropriate ads.

Kanoodle BrightAds has the same problem. You select categories of ads you want, so it’s not content-matching like AdSense. But their ads go all over the political spectrum too and thus are not focused on what would be of interest here.

Blogads is different.

You can accept or deny an advertiser. Thus the content of the ad will be what you want – not something way off, or even counter to the site’s politics.

You can choose what sites to advertise on (based on their acceptance of course) so your ads only go where you want. You get complete info on mumber of click-throughs per ad.

Ads can be custom-designed for each site!

And best of all, most of the blogs are political and left-leaning.

You may be surprised at the prices the big sites are getting. The top spot on DailyKos goes for $2500 a week, as the Blogads list of sites shows.

To advertise on Polizeros, go here, and create your ad.