Police chief in Samarra resigns

The police chief of the previously pacified city says he’s resigning after attacks on his home and car and an attempt to kidnap his son at school.

I guess it never really was “pacified”, eh?

US using napalm in Falluja

Too many injuries, not enough doctors

The military medical system has been overwhelmed by the scope and severity of injuries among troops, a health expert writes.

 US administration says it does not minimize Iraq insurgency

The Bush administration said Tuesday it is not trying to minimize the seriousness of the Iraqi insurgency. The comments follow news accounts of a Central Intelligence Agency report warning that the security situation in Iraq is deteriorating.

So, let’s blame Syria

Concerned about possible Syrian support for the insurgency in Iraq, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage says the United States will be consulting with other Middle East leaders about whether to put more pressure on Syria.

Of course, the insurgency is homegrown, as should be obvious. If you demolish cities, bomb hospitals and mosques, and kill civilians, it’s a given the populace will rise up to fight you.