Well, duh

President Bush said on Monday that a deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, showed that “the terrorists are still on the move” and intent on derailing Iraqi elections

Using the word “terrorists” implies that it’s just a small group of people who are fighting back. This is just spin from the Bushies. With twelve dead in the Saudi embassy attack and seventy killed over the weekend in Iraq by insurgents, it’s clear there are way more than just a few malcontents. rather, it is an increasingly well-organized and well-armed insurgency. Guerrillas can not exist without at least the tacit support of the community they are in, and that’s what these insurgents obviously must have.

Yet US leaders remain clueless. 

Rumsfeld admits failure to predict Iraq insurgency

Gee, you invade a country, reduce entire cities like Fallujah to rubble, bomb hospitals and mosques, kill civilians indiscriminately, then are baffled when the citizenry fights back? Go figure! But then, when you arrogantly assume your culture, economic system, and religion are vastly superior to those of the opponent – with the obvious racist implications thereof – you generally will make idiot blunders like this.

The US war effort in Iraq is crumbling. The insurgency continues to grow. The Pentagon lies to the families of those killed in action causing even those who once completely supported the war to question what is happening and why.

This war will sink the Bush Administration. But we must be there and be organized when the inevitable and massive shift in public opinion happens.