US says can jail anyone anytime in Gitmo

Even a ‘little old lady in Switzerland‘ who gave money unwittingly to extremists could end up in Guantanamo, judge is told by a federal official.

Could a “little old lady in Switzerland” who sent a check to an orphanage in Afghanistan be taken into custody if, unbeknownst to her, some of her donation was passed to Al Qaeda terrorists? asked U.S. District Judge Joyce Hens Green.

“She could,” replied Deputy Associate Atty. Gen. Brian Boyle. “Someone’s intention is clearly not a factor that would disable detention.”

This is simply an open door for the Bushies to imprison anyone anytime without proof or evidence. Another word for this is “fascist”, and that’s no exaggeration.

It get worse.

Boyle said the military could pick any foreigner who provided support to terrorists or might know of their plans. And the foreigners held on the U.S. naval base in Cuba “have no constitutional rights enforceable in this court,” Boyle told the judge.

You read that right. The US claims the right to jail anyone in Gitmo, whether they are a citizen or not and regardless of what country they are in.

These grotesqueries need to be fought as hard as possible. This is the time for action. To stay on the sidelines is to acquiesce. The next round on antiwar / anti-Bush demos is on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20. Protests are planned in DC, SF, LA, and Seattle so far. Be there.

Major change in this country is always spearheaded by people in the streets. It’s time to do it again.