Schwarzenneger plans major initiatives

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his top advisors, meeting privately to plan an agenda for his second year in office, may call a special election that could upend the state’s political order, redrawing legislative and congressional district boundaries, curbing spending and revamping the bureaucracy.

Schwarzenneger, to my surprise, appears to think out of the box, is liberal on social issues, and has supported issues I favor, unlike the previous governor, the deposed and unlamented Gray Davis who sat slug-like except for incessant and unending fund-raising.

Arnold, of course, is a fund-raising maniac too. However, unlike Gray Davis, he actually does stuff. Some of it is good, some of it is bad, but at least wheels are moving. The state district boundaries badly need to be changed. They were locked in concrete a few years back in a slimy deal that both parties signed off on which essentially made all districts completely safe for one or the other party. This can, and should, be changed.