Only a pawn in their game

Ukraine ‘on brink of disaster’

Ukraine lurched deeper into crisis yesterday as pro-Russian leaders in the south and east of the country voted overwhelmingly to hold a referendum on granting their regions autonomy from the capital Kiev.

Ukraine is being manipulated any number of outside forces. The likely outcome is civil war as sections of the country secede, destabilizing the entire region for years to come. The breakaway areas are both pro-Russian and the most economically developed.

Western double standard on Ukraine

Whether it is Albania in 1997, Serbia in 2000, Georgia last November or Ukraine now, our media regularly peddle the same fairy tale about how youthful demonstrators manage to bring down an authoritarian regime, simply by attending a rock concert in a central square.

Two million anti-war demonstrators can stream though the streets of London and be politically ignored, but a few tens of thousands in central Kiev are proclaimed to be “the people”, while the Ukrainian police, courts and governmental institutions are discounted as instruments of oppression.

They won’t be discounted after they open fire. And given what they surely see as open rebellion, they will be opening fire soon enough, methinks – as would the military in any country faced with the same.

Enormous rallies have been held in Kiev in support of the prime minister, Viktor Yanukovich, but they are not shown on our TV screens. The demonstrations in favour of Viktor Yushchenko have laser lights, plasma screens, sophisticated sound systems, rock concerts, tents to camp in and huge quantities of orange clothing; yet we happily dupe ourselves that they are spontaneous.

The blindness extends even to the posters which the “pro-democracy” group, Pora, has plastered all over Ukraine, depicting a jackboot crushing a beetle, an allegory of what Pora wants to do to its opponents.

Gee, what political philospohy does a jackboot remind you of?

Pora continues to be presented as an innocent band of students having fun in spite of the fact that – like its sister organisations in Serbia and Georgia, Otpor and Kmara – Pora is an organisation created and financed by Washington.

More on Pora

US-Supported OTPOR now Ignites Ukraine

OTPOR is the mother group, financed by the US and George Soros among others, and they’ve been up to much destabilizing mischief elsewhere. Pora is their group in Ukraine. This is hardly a spontaneous uprising, more like a carefully planned coup attempt.

A student movement calling themselves PORA (“The Time Has Come”) has “perfectly” applied OTPOR’s tactics in it’s attempt to overthrow the pro-Russian administration in Ukraine.

Advisers and US election experts lead the Ukrainians as well.

In the so-called “Velvet Revolutions” in these three countries, US ambassadors iplayed a leading role. The “official” cost of the US supported Ukrainian opposition will be at least $14 million.

Get the picture?

Yet the Bushies are clumsy and rather than suceeding in seizing power though a stooge, their result will probably be an chaos with no one in charge.

And then there’s Yushchenko’s mystery ailment

Yushchenko accused the Ukrainian authorities of poisoning him. His detractors suggested he’d eaten some bad sushi. Adding to the intrigue, the Austrian doctors who treated him have asked foreign experts to help determine if his symptoms may have been caused by toxins found in biological weapons.

Yushchenko was known for his ruggedly handsome, almost movie-star looks. Now his complexion is pockmarked and a sickly green. His face is haggard, swollen and partially paralysed. One eye often tears up.