Tanks in Westwood

A reader comments on our story and photo about the armored personnel carriers at the peace demonstration on Tuesday in L.A.

I was at the Westwood protest too on Tuesday the one where the two tanks showed up. 

The official LAPD story is that the tanks were returning from a training exercise — training where??? Brentwood? Santa Monica? I know those two bastions of liberalism are both our own little Fallujahs, but WTF?

There’s a Army Reserve center about 1/2 mile away on Wilshire, does seem odd they couldn’t find it, doesn’t it?

But if we go with the Lost Tank story — I was much closer than most of the protesters to the 405, about 125 feet west of the main demonstration — there was a lull in traffic during which I talked to the soldiers briefly about my old friend who is deployed in Iraq.  It was a friendly conversation, they were giving the thumbs up — they could sure have asked me for directions.  I am a very non-threatening middle-aged, well-dressed woman and all my sign said was “Bring them Home Now.”

But don’t our military get maps???  Don’t they have sat phones to call home base on to ask directions?  And imagine the coincidence — two tanks go by an anti-war demonstration TWICE?  I have lived in LA/So. California on and off for 25 years, the last four about a mile from the Federal Building to the west just off of Wilshire — I have never seen a tank before, ever.

These are very good points indeed.

The bottom line is this, if these bozos driving vehicles of mass destruction cannot figure out how to get off the 405 and go the right way,  if they were indeed going to the VA (why?) and chose to round the block to GO BACK and antagonize a group of peaceful protestors, how can we trust their dumb asses not to shoot us?