Domain name registration

So, you have a website and you of course registered the name with a domain name registrar like What you might not know is that your name, adddress, and phone number are available to anyone using the freely available WhoIs service.

Don’t believe me? Go to a WhoIs server like Easy WhoIs and type in your domain name. You’ll probably see your name, address, and phone under Administrative Contact. Try it with eBay, for example, and you’ll see the full Administrative and Technical Contact info.

Now try it with PoliZeros. That’s right, none of info is listed! That’s because I use now GoDaddy to register my domain names, and they allow private registrations, which means such personal information is blocked from WhoIs. Something to keep in mind.

I just transferred three domains to GoDaddy. The process was easy, and took about a day to complete. I’m sure other registrars also have private registrations, however GoDaddy makes the process simple and has a service to do bulk transfers too.