The Stealing of the Election 2004 – more

I don’t usually reprint lengthy posts from other blogs, however BOPNews is doing an amazing job here cataloging all the voting “irregularities.” There sure is a lot of smoke for there to be no fire…

[Updated 11/9] Republican Election Theft Roundup.

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BOP House Crew on Election Fraud

  • Matt Stoller: another stolen election

  • oldman: speaks for itself

  • Barry Ritholtz: mapping out election results

  • Ian Welsh: Okay, it was stolen

  • Shaula Evans: fight fight fight

  • New Links November 9

  • Statistical improbabilities of Bush FL vote tallies

  • Sarpy County, Nebraska: More votes than voters

  • FL: voting machines reject mysterious wet ballots

  • Shifting numbers of Florida’s election (with graphs and charts)

  • More from MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann plus he wants your feedback at

  • Bob Fitrakis: Evidence is mounting

  • 97,489 extra votes in Cayahoga County, Ohio
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