Fallujah invasion begins

Thousands of troops storm Fallujah

Bush cynically held off on this invasion until after the election, as Americans coming home in body bags might have influenced people to vote against him. The Iraq puppet government has declared martial law, and this with the “elections” in just two months. Uh huh, sure the elections will happen. The US has stormed and taken a hospital, which would appear to be against the Geneva Convention, not that the Bushies care about that.

Insurgents waged a second day of multiple attacks across the restive Sunni Triangle north and west of Baghdad, storming police stations, assassinating government officials and setting off deadly car bombs. About 60 people have been killed and 75 injured in the two days of attacks.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and others have warned that a military offensive could trigger a wave of violence that would sabotage the January elections by alienating the Sunni minority which forms the core of the insurgency.

It’s quite possible the Bushies don’t want elections, as they know damn well what the results will be – which makes a mockery of their rationalization for being there, to bring democracy to Iraq.