Green Party

From a Green listserv

With many states updating their voter registration totals with the most up-to-date pre-election numbers, national Green Party voter registration now stands at an all time high of

311,350 in 22 States

You probably thought there were substantially more registered Greens nationwide than that, right?

Nader polled 3% in 2004, way more than the number of registered Greens. This year, he is polling less than 1%.

It is doubtful Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb will get even as many votes as the number of registered Greens, a dismal, pathetic showing indeed. Among the collateral damage of the 2004 campaign will be Ralph Nader and the Green Party. The national leadership (if the term “leadership” should even be used) of the Green Party has split into warring Cobb and Nader factions, with relations between the two currently somewhere between nonexistent and poisonous.