Fear and loathing in West Palm Beach

From my pals at Crooks and Liars – on the scene reporting from Ground Zero in Florida. So far, it’s a six-part series, with more coming.

Republican’s are freaking out about the voter turnout in Florida. They are trying to close the vote down at 7:00PM. Sharp. No matter if you are on line or not. The unofficial word on the street is that out of the approximate 18% who have voted already, the edge is going to Kerry 2-1.

I hung out on line to get the vibe – even though I donned the button: “I voted Early for John Kerry” – As I walked back to the Kerry tent a battle erupted. A kerchiefed hippie kid held an 8-foot long plywood board in the air in front of the Bush tent. It read, “1200 Americans Killed in Iraq. The Bush people went nuts. They wrestled with the guy. Swat team went into high gear.

This is blogging at its best – and stuff you won’t find elsewhere.