Blogs of note

Crooks and Liars

There’s many excellent video clips of news events here, available for streaming, as well as original music like “Kick Out the Republicans” by this pro musician and friends. His politics are strongly liberal Democratic, and he has the stomach to actually watch the right wing talk shows. Then, he’ll post a clip that shows them trapped in their own lies and/or makes them look ridiculous. Good stuff indeed.

Left I on the News

Hard left progressive/radical politics (like this blog) with quite a few comments too.

An illustrative posting:

Quite a few of my neighbors have Kerry-Edwards lawn signs in front of their houses. Nothing wrong with that, I have nothing against anyone who supports Kerry. It’s Kerry I have a problem with, and his lawn sign sums it up in three words – “A Stronger America.” And that is precisely what we Americans, and the world, do not need. A humbler America? A more compassionate America (not to be confused with “compassionate [sic] conservatism”)? A more generous America? How about a weaker America? Weaker, that is, in a military sense, a country where we take the trillions that are spent on weapons of death and spend it instead on human needs, not only for ourselves but for people around the world?

Well put!