Everyone opposes it but the people

With a rapidity that has taken many political leaders by surprise, Proposition 66, a proposal to significantly scale back California’s three-strikes law, has become the focus of the hottest fight on the state’s long, complex ballot.

The grotesque Three Strikes law has resulted in thousands of people being incarcerated for 25, 35 years or longer – no parole or time off for good behavior – for nonviolent felonies. That’s right, nonviolent felonies. In some cases the felony they were charged with could have been filed as a misdemeanor.

Polls by The Times and the Field organization in the last two weeks showed the measure winning with more than 60% of the vote.

Yet, the political establishment continues to move in lockstep against it, too craven to do what’s right.

On Thursday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and three of his predecessors — Democrats Gray Davis and Jerry Brown and Republican Pete Wilson — staged a rare joint appearance to denounce the ballot measure.

Yeah, that’s right, even supposed liberal Jerry Brown wants to continue to lock ’em up forever.

Yet the people will be voting this noxious law down come Nov. 2. Good.


Yes on 66. Amend Three Strikes for serious felonies only.

No on 69. This would mandate DNA samples be collected for anyone *arrested* for a felony. Not convicted. Just arrested. This means thousands of people who were arrested for felonies only to have the charges dropped or reduced to a misdemeanor would have their DNA sampled anyway. Big Brother wants your DNA. Not a good idea.