The pumpkins are now in the front yard!

Miss Monica is the proud grower of these giant pumpkins. The big one weighs about 300 pounds.

How the heck did we get them from the back yard to the front yard, you ask? Well, I asked the movers (yes, Miss Monica and I are an Item) if they could do it. While they’d never been asked to move giant pumpkins before, they happily did it and thought the whole process was fun.

Seasoned giant pumpkin growers advise putting each pumpkin on a pallet while it is still small, thus making the moving process much simpler, and that’s what we’ll do next year. They can easily reach 600-700 pounds, yes they can.

They are quite an attraction. People walk by, smile, and touch them. Drivers hop out of their cars to take a photo with their cell phone. Wheee…