Green Party registrations

Via a California Green Party listserv posting by Mike Feinstein

Our latest Green voter registration total, as of 9/03/04 is 156,914  making up 1.00% of the CA statewide total

Our last total, as of 2/17/04 was 157,749  making up 1.05% of the statewide total

Our all-time high was, as of 9/30/03 was 166,740  making up 1.08% of the statewide total.

The drop from 9/03/03 to 9/30/04, a period of just over one year, was a culmulative drop of 5.9% of the overall statewide Green total

This occured during a period in which all CA registrations statewide grew by 1.6%

Nationally, how are we doing?

Our new national total is now at 301,281

This total is up about 1,000 nationwide from a month ago  (with several states not reporting yet)
The latest Zogby poll has Nader at 1% and David Cobb at a pathetic 0.2%.