Sinclair sleaze backfiring

This week, Sinclair Broadcasting — the largest owner of local television stations in the U.S. — ordered its 62 stations to preempt regular programming to air an anti-Kerry documentary a few days before the election.

Their aim is clear: use the public’s airwaves to sway the election in favor of an administration that staunchly allows companies like Sinclair to get even bigger. Great for Sinclair’s bottom line — terrible for our democracy.

It’s not about liberal or conservative. It’s about corruption, the destruction of democratic discourse, and Big Media trying to skew elections. Together we must stop it.

Log a complaint with the FCC against Sinclair.
If you have a pension fund, check it to see if it has Sinclair stock, then complain if it does.

DailyKos has launched a campaign against Sinclair, aimed at their advertisers, and it’s getting results.

Sylvan Learning Center pulls ads from Sinclair.

Talking Points has more about how complaining to Sinclair advertisers is effective indeed.

Sinclair is feeling the pressure. Their homepage currently mentions the broadcast and little else, and invites response – a sure sign they are being pounded hard and unmercifully. Good. I hope their servers melt down and their phones don’t stop ringing.

Email or call Sinclair (410-568-1500) and let them know what you think of their scummy tactics.

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