Grace under pressure

Being as I am a highly trained, professional database developer and website designer, I, of course, deal efficiently and effortlessly with the all too familiar vexing problems caused by sometimes grumpy PCs. In fact just recently, when FrontPage failed to do something fast enough to suit me, I reacted in a totally professional manner and slammed down the mouse so hard it broke.

This is where my professional training came in! Oh yes, my initial reaction was, My God, I’ve just killed my computer. My second reaction was, My God a vicious piece of malware just killed my computer. However, after a mere fifteen minutes of testing the mouse in other computers along with numerous reboots (with and without muttered imprecations) I deduced that, considering the mouse failure happened directly after slamming the mouse on the desk, these two events must somehow be related. I shook the mouse. It rattled, further confirming my hypothesis.

So, it was off to my home away from home, Fry’s Electronics, for a new mouse. I’m about to install a wireless net in my home, and have decided to hire an experienced friend to guide me in this, my first wireless net installation. A wireless router costs a LOT more than a mouse!