Counter-Inaugural protests on Jan. 20

The ANSWER Coalition has called for antiwar protests in DC, SF, and LA on Inauguration Day, regardless of who is elected. While Bush and Kerry have differences on some domestic issues, they have none on Iraq. Both favor the war. Both will continue the war. Both will re-institute the draft.

On the first day that the next president takes the oath of office – January 20, 2005 – there will be thousands of people all along the inaugural route in Washington DC demanding “End the occupation of Iraq – Bring the troops home now.” Whether it is Bush or Kerry riding in the limousine, they and the world will hear this message loud and clear from the people of the U.S

ANSWER already has the permit for the DC march and rally. Permits are in the works for San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The L.A. march and rally will be on Thursday Jan 20 6 pm, at the Westwood Federal Building. This will be on the lawn, not just the sidewalk, and will include a march through Westwood.