Kiss my megatruck, dude

Kiss my megatruck, dude

When the world is in perfect, ultra-macho harmony, you get a 9-foot-tall, 14,500-pound SUV

You just gotta love the fact that some semitruck company somewhere called International Truck and Engine Corp. is now coming out with what they claim is the world’s largest production pickup, called the CXT, all 9 feet high and 8 feet wide, a whopping 21 feet long

The PR for the truck pretends it’s for commercial big-hauling use, then hypes the luxurious interior and how studly you’ll look driving it. And it’s only $115,000! Uh huh, you bet this pricey toy will be used for actual hauling of stuff on gnarly off road sites where it’ll get banged up. It’s just more in the line of absurd vehicles that pretend to be used for serious work but never are, like the H2 and Cadillac Escalade pickupsI see here in LA that appear to have never been driven through a mud puddle, much less off road.

And here is LA, where we already have such wretched excesses as the stretch Hummer, you know some fool will just have to make this behemoth 42 feet long.

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