A9 is watching you

A9 is watching you

The interesting thing about <Amazon’s new search engine> A9 is that you can search for references to yourself or anyone else in what appears to many or most of the books Amazon stocks. It should be obvious that Amazon not only has a record of every book you have ever bought from them, but every book you have ever looked at on their site. 

That is the digital equivalent of a bookstore recording every book you glance at one their shelves and has enormous privacy implications, especially given Amazon’s notice of a year or so ago that their databases are a business asset that could be sold with the business or a part of it. 

If anyone is concerned about the provisions of the Patriot Act requiring libraries to report what is borrowed by whom, think of what could be gleaned from Amazon’s records. Simply looking at the wrong book for an instant could come back to haunt you with Mr. Aschroft and Company.

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