Firefox drawing fans away from…

Firefox drawing fans away from Microsoft IE

Open-source browsers Mozilla and Firefox have won over a significant number of defectors from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in the past nine months, Web site metrics suggest.

I’ve been using Firefox and the companion Thunderbird mail reader for months now. I find them to be smarter, faster, with better security than Internet Explorer and Outlook.

They’ve been in wide beta for months now. The Preview version of FireFox 1.0 now available. Among other cool features, you can subscribe to RSS feeds in Bookmarks and read them in your browser.

There is also a new version of Thunderbird, 0.8. Both versions fix security holes. Firefox is a mere 4.6 mb download, Thunderbird is 5.8. Both installed easily, and without having to reboot the computer.

The latest releases of the Mozilla and Firefox browsers, along with the Thunderbird e-mail software, fix 10 security issues, including three critical vulnerabilities, according to the Mozilla Foundation, which develops the software.