Santa Monica Freeway – rush…

Santa Monica Freeway – rush hour Friday.

We have received another missive from the elusive Scarlet Pimpernel at Freeway Blogger

This sign took me about an hour and a half to make, thirty seconds to post and cost less than a dollar in materials.  It stayed up for over an hour. More people should start doing this.

Wanted to let you know that things are really starting to take off now.  People are sending in signs by the hour (well, some hours anyway…) where once they were coming in by the week.  As someone who’s been helping spread the word with me on this one pretty much from the start, I thought you should know: The Word is getting Spread… Things are Starting to Happen.

Whether it happens enough and in time is anybody’s guess, but, like everything else in this bizarre new world, it’s gonna be close…

Yours, as Ever, Scarlet P.