If only Kerry were from…

If only Kerry were from the Bronx

Robert Scheer in the LA Times

How I wish that John Kerry had grown up in my old neighborhood in the Bronx. It drives me crazy that he doesn’t have the street smarts to call those GOP bums out.

Bitter Shack of Resentment opines,

“And you wonder why I’m bitter

Hendrik Hertzberg, the savviest journalist in the United States, observes in this week’s New Yorker:

By persistently ignoring Bush’s record, the Kerry camp probably made a political mistake. By ruthlessly distorting Kerry’s, the Bush camp certainly made a moral mistake. Unfortunately for Kerry, moral mistakes, unlike political ones, don’t generally lose elections.

I wish he weren’t so right.”

Earth to Kerry, earth to Kerry. This is a knive fight not a tea party.