Disaster accomplished

Disaster accomplished

Scores are dead after violence spreads in Iraq, NY Times

In a series of tightly sequenced attacks, at least 25 Iraqis were killed by suicide car bombings and a barrage of missile and mortar fire in several neighborhoods across Baghdad on Sunday.

The attacks were the most widespread in months, seeming to demonstrate the growing power of the insurgency and heightening the sense of uncertainty and chaos in the capital at a time when American forces have already ceded control to insurgents in a number of cities outside of Baghdad.

Interesting that the NY Times, who was a cheerleader for the war, is now admitting the US has lost several cities, with Baghdad itself now coming under serious attack.

Warlord’s removal as governor sparks riot in Afghan city

Hundreds of people rioted in the western city of Herat on Sunday, attacking United Nations offices and shouting anti-American slogans to protest a powerful warlord’s removal as provincial governor.

Various news agencies reported that three to eight people were killed and dozens injured in the rioting; Afghan government officials in Kabul had initially insisted that no one had died.