Why the wingnuts are wrong…

Why the wingnuts are wrong about the “forged” documents

Step by step, using logic and fact, Daily Kos shreds the arguments about the “forged” Dubya documents.

A few examples

This typeface — Times New Roman — didn’t exist in the early 1970s.

There are several problems with this theory.  First, Times New Roman, as a typeface, was invented in 1931.  Second, typewriters were indeed available with Times New Roman typefaces.

Documents back then didn’t have superscripted ‘th’ characters

That one was easy.  Yes, many typewriter models had shift-combinations to create ‘th’, ‘nd’, and ‘rd’

This document uses proportional spacing, which didn’t exist in the early 1970s.

Turns out, it did.  The IBM Executive electric typewriter was manufactured in four models, A, B, C, and D, starting in 1947, and featured proportional spacing.

This entire argument about the documents being forged was started by the repellent, extreme right wing blog, Little Green Footballs, and then picked up uncritically by mass media. DailyKos is the only site I’ve seen so far that actually researched the claims. One wonders why the mass media couldn’t have done the same.

PS Left I On the News has also posted, refuting the claim the Washington Post swallowed whole without questioning.