Freedom of the press, just write what we say

A major European news network aired a video last night that showed the results of a U.S. bombing of a suspected terrorist safehouse in Fallujah. The video contained graphic images of four dead Iraqi infants. The airing of the video caused deep consternation among U.S. military officers in Baghdad, who threatened to seek the removal of the reporter and producer responsible for writing and taping the piece. “I don’t like your f —– ing work,” a military officer said to one of the newsmen. “Well, we don’t like your f —-ing work,” the newsman snapped back.

al Qaeda says US doomed in Iraq

Zawahri appeared in a new videotape aired on the Arabic Al Jazeera television station, taunting Washington by saying fighters had turned U.S. plans for the oil-rich country upside down.

Cheney says Iraq harbored Al Qaeda, uh huh

This is just more of the same old making-shit-up propaganda from Cheney. Saddam and al Qaeda were, of course, scorpions in a bottle. Saddam ran a secular state and had no use for religious fundamentalists or anyone challenging his power.