More updates

More updates

From NYC IndyMedia

12:05  Still no reports of mass arrests outside RNC.

11:44 Order to disperse now given at 30th St. and 8th Ave. At 7th Ave and 29th people are agressively heckling Republican delegates and not (yet) being arrested for it.

11:35  The march has reunited; the 11:35 dispersal order was never given and Smaller group of people are moving north again. There is also a band that really rocks.

11:10 The Union Sq. March has now been penned near 30th, police are threatening arrests at 11:35 if people dont leave. Balloons are now falling onto President Bush and Republican delegates. Police have called for the sound machine.

10:52 Police are throning the length of 8th ave up to at least 20th St., but so far have a “hands-off” approach despite their massive numbers. We’re hearing 1-5000 protesters

10:49 Two activists have just been pulled from the floor of the Garden after disrupting Bush’s speech.

10:31 There is now a very large group moving out of Union Sq. Several thousand people have taken the street from Union Sq. Moving west but hoping to go north toward the Garden.

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