UfJP and genuine dissent

UfJP and genuine dissent

As mentioned previously, ANSWER will have a demonstration at Madison Square Garden on Thursday night as Bush is speaking. It will be spirited and miltant, with music, spoken word, as well as speakers, with representatives from numerous other groups participating.

On Tuesady, United for Justice and Peace called a candlelight vigil at almost the same time in a different location. How … typical of them. Their role during the RNC has been to try to mute genuine protest and dissent. They act as a proxy for the Democrats, attempting to funnel protest energy away from real critiques of the system and into the Kerry campaign.

However, it appears many are not listening to them….

At least 900 arrested in NYC protests on Tuesday

A series of demonstrations rippled across Manhattan last night when protesters tried to converge on the Republican National Convention, as a day of planned civil disobedience erupted into clashes with police officers and led to the arrest of more than 900 people.