Possible rally site? Maybe

Possible rally site? Maybe

CNN is saying there will be a rally after the march at Union Square, which is north of the East Village, and far from Central Park.

However, Newsday is reporting there is no rally

<UPJ> said the gathering at Union Square would also not be a rally, and that police had agreed not to keep the protesters there in a pen.

Also, the UJP listserv a few hours ago did mentioned the march would end in Union Square, but said nothing about a rally.

If the rally actually is happening, then UPJ has 48 hours to organize stages, sound, and logistics for an expected 250,000 people. As one who has helped organize rallies that drew upwards of 80,000 and took weeks to plan, this is a near-impossible task – as well as being a sneaky ploy by police to move people away from Central Park to what will almost certainly be chaos at Union Square.

ANSWER is circulating flyers urging people to go Central Park.

The flier issued by the ANSWER coalition outlines city regulations, which the group says allow protesters to bring political signs to the park as long as they are no larger than 2 by 3 feet.

“The fact is that people are coming to Central Park,” said Brian Becker, national coordinator for the group. “It is their constitutional right to do so.”