I plan to be in NYC this coming weekend for the RNC protests. The big march will be Sunday, yet with no permit granted for a rally after the march, hundreds of thousands will end the march in the middle of Manhattan with no place to go.Some, I’m sure, will attempt to march to Central Park anyway. and that’s when things could get interesting.

Reverse psychology

The FBI’s elaborate plans to control demonstrations at the GOP convention will have the opposite effect of helping to create the largest convention protests since Chicago in 1968. (5)

1 = Total Fiction
10 = Metaphysical Certainty

Bad moon rising?

I’m 100% sure that provocateurs and police will coordinate their activities for maximum prime-time coverage, and that the leaders of previously-unknown violent anarchist groups will mysteriously disappear at the key moment, leaving their hapless followers to battle the police and eventually do hard time.

Would chaos outside the convention hurt or help Bush? Hard to know. Not that I want chaos, not at all. But the probability of it happening is, I think, high.