I thought Dubya said “mission…

I thought Dubya said “mission accomplished”

Sadr followers threaten to torch oil fields

Iraq prime minister issued a final call for the Mehdi Army to disarm after defiant Moqtada Sadr followers threatened to torch oil fields and die as martyrs amid fighting in Najaf on Thursday.

Oil hits $48 a barrel in response to Sadr threat

Iran warns of preemptive strike on US forces

Republican ccngressman says Iraq War was mistake

Breaking ranks with the White House and his Republican leaders in Congress, Rep. Doug Bereuter of Nebraska has said in a letter to constituents the U.S. military action in Iraq was a mistake


Saboteurs set fire to Iraqi South Oil Co. Basra HQ

Saboteurs set the headquarters of Iraq (news – web sites)’s South Oil Company in the city of Basra on fire Thursday, officials and witnesses said.
“It was not an accident. The fire is huge,” said an official of the state-owned company.