From the Land of the…

From the Land of the Clueless

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg thinks he’s found a way to pin down rowdy protesters at the Republican National Convention — by offering them a powder-blue button that labels them “Peaceful Political Activists.”

Wearers of the buttons get discounts at restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues! Wow, what a cunningly designed trick to appeal to protestors, all of whom of course, are more focused on monetary discounts than protest, uh huh. 

In exchange for the package, the protesters must promise to obey city laws and regulations and pick up their blue pledge pin.

I expect to see, in response to this brain-dead idea, lots of anti-Blue buttons appearing in New York. Hmm, maybe red buttons for socialists, black for anarchists, and of course, pink for Code Pink.

He acknowledged, however, that compliance was voluntary.

“We can’t stop an anarchist from getting a button,” the mayor said when asked if the pins could guarantee good behavior. “I don’t know how many anarchists will want to wear this button…. But they still would get the discounts as long as they have the button.”