FBI harassing activists prior to…

FBI harassing activists prior to RNC

The FBI has been questioning political demonstrators across the country, and in rare cases subpoenaing them, in an aggressive effort to forestall what officials say could be violent and disruptive protests at the Republican National Convention in New York.


New York City officials have rejected a fresh request for a permit allowing an anticipated quarter of a million demonstrators to rally in Central Park August 29, on the eve of the Republican National Convention.

The administration of billionaire Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg denied the application virtually as soon as it was submitted. This leaves the massive march that is slated to surge up Seventh Avenue past the convention site at Madison Square Garden with no final destination, raising the prospect of chaos in the streets of Manhattan.

Sounds like NYC, with these shortsighted neanderthal tactics, is practically inviting trouble to occur. Conspiracy theory buffs might think that’s what they want – chaos in the street to make Bush look tough and opposition as bad. However, barring demonstrations in Central Park is a grotesque suppression of the right to dissent, and it’ll only take a few wacko anarchists and/or police plants in the crowd throwing rocks at windows and the whole thing could get ugly fast. All of which could be easily avoided by granting a permit for a demonstration in Central Park.